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Salsoftin is essentially a website designing company and a technology foundation that caters to all your needs of web and technology. We don't boast of landmarks, history and excellence but always strive to satisfy you. Salsoftin is an upcoming website building company that has won International Recognition besides the hearts of all its customers by its innovative designs and artistic beauty.



Salsoftin Networks
the Graphic Design and Website Development Company, comprises a pool of professionals all over the world, who deliver quality work on a wide range of communication, Graphic Design, Website Design and Web Application Projects in your own country right at your own place. The Graphic Design and Website Development Services span all aspects of project work including research, planning, concept, design, execution and training.



Salsoftin Opens Portals Worldwide
Salsoftin has been growing across the globe and latest penetration being in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Iran and Canada.




With a team of exceptional creative Graphic Designers, Website Designers, Website Application Developers, Search Engine Optimization Specialists, Team Leaders, Print Designers, Database Programmers, Website Marketing Experts, Photographers, Prepress Experts and Digital Artists, Salsoftin Networks provides solutions for your specific needs.

Salsoftin is a one stop site for all your net needs. We provide facilities - of Website Designing, Hosting, Registration, Promotion and e-business... and much more.

A Team of Professionals from all walks of Web Technologies constitutes Salsoftin Networks spread across 12 nations with its data centre at USA.


Salsoftin starts its SEO in India

With more and more website owners recognizing the need for Net Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Salsoftin has started its SEO operations in India. Details


   Golden Web Award 3003-04 won by Salsoftin           



Be assured that it is the dedication towards our work and the dream of yours that makes it happen and worth our efforts and your money ! Our websites have been appreciated for the exuberance of design and architecture and the purpose they accomplished.

We welcome all the suggestions, complaints and any word you have for us that's worth your time and our efforts.

Thank you very much Indeed !
Saleem Mohammad Mir

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