Banner advertising is one great way to drive targeted traffic direct to your web site & at the same time build the brand awareness for your business & products to the internet public. Our banner advertising network is an established, proven successful, high-quality network of tens of thousands of web sites with hundreds of thousands of web pages. Our network is currently delivering banner impressions and click-thru’s at a rate of well OVER 400 million banner ad impressions and hundreds of thousands of valuable click-thru’s from targeted interested people who are ready to make a purchase.

Your graphic & banner ads are displayed on tens of thousands of web sites all over the internet on your behalf.

Every time your banner ads are shown on our network to real & targeted people – that counts as an ad impression. When people click on your ad and go to your web site that counts as a click-thru. On our network, for a very low cost you can purchase ad impressions AND/OR click-thru’s.

One thing to know about banner advertising (sometimes referred to as display advertising) is that the more times that your ads are displayed to a greater number of people …. the more familiar that your company and business will become to prospective customers. This is called building brand awareness. All the best and most successful businesses know  that “on average” you generally need to make as many as 4 – 7 impressions on a person’s mind before their awareness will begin to warm up to the idea of making a purchase or trying a product or service.

Banner Advertising :

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